Using Cork In A Multi-Family Home

Cork Is A Reusable And Sustainable Product.

4 Reasons To Use Cork In A Multi-Family Home

4 Reasons To Use Cork In A Multi-Family Home

At Peregrine Construction Group, we are always searching for new and unique ways to make our multi-family homes live up to our clients’ expectations. A more and more common trend we’ve seen lately is the use of cork. Cork is a very sustainable material, and is typically found in accent walls and flooring. There are some great reasons for cork’s popularity, and as your Tampa multi-family builders we want you to be aware of them.

1. Cork Is A Natural Insulator

Cork serves many purposes in a home, one of them being a natural insulator. During the few cooler months in Florida, cork will actually assist in locking in the heat to make your home warmer, which in turn increases energy efficiency. In addition to that, because of its soft surface, cork can also act as a natural sound barrier, which can be helpful in avoiding upstairs neighbors with loud footsteps. The soft feel of cork is also pleasant to walk on, and one can go barefoot without having to worry about cold feet.

2. Cork Is A Durable Product

Fun fact, cork can last up to 50 years without ever having to be replaced. Because of it’s softer surface, cork is less susceptible to scratches, making it not only long lasting, but able to keep its look and feel. Additionally, cork does not stain, making it ideal for flooring. You won’t have to worry about drink spills or pet accidents ruining the floor.

3. Cork Is A Sustainable Product

As we said above, cork is a sustainable product. What that means is, cork is highly renewable, unlike some other types of trees that need to be cut down to be harvested, the outer bark of the cork oak tree can be harvested by hand; while keeping the tree intact. The cork tree can be used again and again, without dying after one use.

4. Cork Is Versatile

Cork began as a product that was used for floors, but now it can do so much more in the home. As your multi-family builders in Tampa we know that it can be used for dining room tables, countertops, accent walls, floor mats, and much more.

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