Choosing the Perfect Crown Molding for Your Multi-Family Project

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Crown Molding: 6 Popular Choices

Crown Molding: 6 Popular Choices

As Tampa multi-family builders, we understand the importance of picking the right crown molding for your multi-family project. There are some materials that look better with specific design styles, and we’ve compiled a brief overview of the more popular materials to assist you with making a decision.

Polyurethane Molding

Polyurethane is a lightweight material, and is one of the easier types of crown molding to install. It is dense and foam like, and close in form to wood. However, unlike wood, polyurethane won’t splinter or rot. A downside to polyurethane molding is slightly softer than other crown molding materials, can dent easily, and is only good for painted applications.

PVC Molding

When installing crown molding in bathrooms and exteriors, PVC is an excellent choice because it helps to lock in the moisture. However, PVC crown molding does have a slicker surface than other materials which makes it harder to paint, and it requires paint to cover the plastic sheen.

Wood Molding

Wood crown molding is a great choice when you need intricate designs carved into the molding. One benefit about wood molding is that it is long lasting. However, a downside is that because wood is a heavier material, it can only be used on ceilings that can support its weight. Another downside is that the wood can shrink and swell with changes in the weather.

Flex Molding

Flex molding is a material that is made from a polystyrene compound, which makes it long lasting. This material is very malleable, which means that intricate designs can be made easily. Flex molding is lightweight, unlike solid wood molding, and can be installed in older ceilings that can’t hold as much weight.

MDF Molding

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a good crown molding choice if you are looking to take the economical route. It is a stable and cost effective alternative to wood crown molding. However, as multi-family builders in Tampa, we know that a downside to MDF is that it is easier to dent or scratch.

Plaster Molding

Plaster crown molding tends to be used for grand interior, and typically is found alongside plaster walls. Plaster molding is sculpted onto the ceiling in a semi-liquid state. This allows for elaborate designs to be created and contours to be shaped to follow the lines of the ceiling. One of the major downsides to plaster molding is that it is made to order and can be expensive. It is also a heavier material, and can easily crack.

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