Now Trending: Multi-Family Projects

Why are multi-family projects and urban living becoming so popular?

Now Trending: Multi-Family Projects

Celebrating the Urban Lifestyle

Multi-family projects are attracting all age groups, but the most popular by far are the millennials. Millennials want to live near like-minded people in the city, and are willing to trade a backyard for a shared rooftop patio. The common denominator linking this age group to each other is the desire for a low-maintenance, urban experience where their neighborhood is walkable and they can exist in a live-work-play atmosphere.

Affordability and Luxury Included

Renters that want to live downtown want to do it at an affordable price, which isn’t always easy to find. Multi-family developments allow for renters to get the best of both worlds. Warehouse lofts and apartments fit this bill exceptionally well. Though smaller than your average living space, the proximity to downtown, work, and urban restaurants override the space. Add in the luxury of these spaces, and you can understand why Tampa multi-family builders are always in demand.

Closing the Deal With Amenities

Common Areas

Going with the work-live-play theme, common areas are making up for the smaller living spaces. Common areas are being designed by multi-family builders in Tampa to meet the needs of the tenants who want to socialize there or, as opposed to a home office, work there. Making them so popular, common areas are coming equipped with the technologies to run live-work interactions. Free wifi and iCafes are just a few of the technology amenities we see frequently. Common rooms also come stocked with comfortable furniture and accessories.

Rooftop Decks And Terraces

Rooftop decks and terraces are extremely popular with the residents of multi-family developments. It’s a place to gather and socialize with like-minded tenants. Some of the things we’ve seen on these decks include televisions, barbecue grills, pizza ovens, and cabanas.

Dog Parks

Dog parks are essential for these facilities. It allows the tenants and their pets to spend quality time together without having to leave the premises as well as socialize with other dog owners.

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