“Bobbi and I want to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to you and the outstanding staff at Peregrine Construction. The process of designing and constructing our new home has proven to be an unbelievable pleasant experience. Starting with our initial meeting to discuss design, through the selection of materials and construction our experience could not have been better.

We are so pleased that Peregrine Construction was able to accommodate all of our requests for design, including changes and upgrades. A special expression of gratitude is extended to Shawn Ambrose and his staff for a superior job of design with a focus on being sensitive to our needs and requests. We absolutely love the front elevation that he designed for our new home.

As is the case in every construction project situations occur when customer service is needed. This is another area where Peregrine Construction excels. Dan Sullivan is outstanding and his attention to detail and quality of service is above and beyond expectation.

A special expression of gratitude is extended to Steve Maigret for his quick and professional responses to our service needs. He is truly “customer friendly.”

As a repeat customer, we could not think of using any building contractor other than Peregrine Construction.”

– Dave and Bobbi Norris


“My wife and I had a home built for us by Peregrine Construction and have lived in our new home for the past 15 months. We enjoy very much the end product and are very pleased that we chose Peregrine to ‘partner with’ to build what will be our last ‘new’ home.

Building a new home, especially in FL, is a challenge especially during these difficult economic times. The key to a successful experience is the commitment the Builder has towards Customer Satisfaction and Quality. The Peregrine Team of Dan Sullivan, Steve Maigret and Matt Foster delivered on that Satisfaction and Quality Promise that was made at the start of the process. This is the 6th home we have built in three different states and our expectations were ‘grounded in reality’. Yes, there were challenges throughout the building process that were all a direct result of problems & scheduling issues created by subcontractors—nothing that I haven’t experienced before from other builders in other states. In this case, the Peregrine Team ‘worked their contacts’ and facilitated the best results possible and doing it in such a way as not to compromise quality.

On the other hand, we were fortunate to have some of the best subcontractors that have ever worked on any of our homes. We understand they have worked with Peregrine for many years. Examples were in the areas of Landscaping & related, Framing, Tile work, Pavers, Electric, Audio/Visual, Cabinets & Plumbing.

Bottom line, we are very pleased with our new home and feel that Dan, Steve and Matt delivered on all their promises.”

– Chip and Patricia Kent


“We recently moved into a home we built with Peregrine that we love. The most important factor for us was building a truly custom home. We previously built here in 2007-2008 and it was a very different experience. We were given three floor plans to select from and given two days at the builders design center to make all decisions fixtures and finishes from a limited selection.

Peregrines marketing staff member, Dan Sullivan, and their architect spent weeks with us designing the house. The architect had us provide him with the measurements of all our furniture and the planned placement. He then made changes to the size of the floors to assure each piece would fit properly and designed niches to fit specific pieces. He even changed the dimensions of the walls in the breakfast room to perfectly fit three pieces of art we wished to hang in that location. Dan is very creative and had great suggestions. He told us when decisions would add value to the home at low cost and when a decision would be “stupid money” in his words.

We had been warned by friends that once we sign a contract, we would have no further contact with the marketing person. Not true with Dan. He kept working with us through the entire building process and would attend meetings with us and contactors such as the cabinet maker and pool installer to assist us in decision making and keeping on budget. Again, he had wonderful ideas on the options. It was great being able to take our time and revisit decisions with the suppliers and make “just in time” selections. When our selection of wet tile was way over budget, Dab worked with the installer and they were able to suggest one change to the tile in master shower that would keep the appearance we wanted and allow us to have all the other tiles we selected. We did end up way over the allowance on landscaping but that was due to my wife’s love of trees and plants.

Of course, this is not to say we did not have frustrations during the building process. Doesn’t everyone? The biggest complaint was sub-contractors not showing up. While some such as the tile and flooring installer and trim carpenter were fantastic, others simply did not come or would be on site one day and then disappear. The electrical company was particularly horrible and simply appeared not to care. We finally went to Matt Foster who was in charge of purchasing and contracting and he was very responsive and sat on the subs threatening them with not being able to bid on future jobs. I wish we had involved Matt sooner. Still, bad memories start to fade as we enjoy the beauty of our new home.”

– Mike and Laura Boyle


“I had Peregrine build a home for me in the Lake Club at Lakewood Ranch, FL two years ago.  They did an outstanding job starting with the sales and design and continued right through the completion of the project. The Project Manager couldn’t have been any better and made the year long project a joy. I am a builder in CT. and I would recommend Peregrine Homes every day.”

– Bob Olsen


“My experience with Peregrine Builders was nothing short of positive. The job forman was always available to address any of my concerns and there was never an issue if I wanted changes made to the original plans. The tradesmen were very neat, efficient and did their jobs in a timely manner. My husband and I are really loving our Peregrine Home and would recommend this company to anyone – first rate in excellent workmen and a quality product.”

 Marylin Schneider


“Peregrine Construction built us a beautiful house. The people we have dealt with have been very knowledgeable and anxious to please us. The quality of the workmanship is excellent and we highly recommend Peregrine Construction for a well-constructed house.”

– Lisa and Stu Auslander


“We had built our home in 2010 with Peregrine Construction and the process was extremely professional. Matt, Steve, Dan and Steve did a great job communicating with us on all aspects of our home. The quality was extremely high with great fit and finish work. If we had to build again, we would build with Peregrine. They are true craftsman of their trade. Our process of building went very smooth, our allowances were right in line and we really had NO surprises which is very uncommon in the building process. Home was finished and delivered on time and follow up on small punch list items went very quickly and professionally. I would recommend them as a builder to anyone.”

Rick and Victoria Reid



“I would like to take the time to thank Peregrine Construction for their remarkable work.  I own two local yoga studios that have been built by Peregrine Construction, and they’re absolutely breathe taking.  Most of all I have appreciated there communication.  They have been great at staying connected with me through out my building process.  There quality of work, ability to stay within my budget and timeline is the reason that I will continue to use Peregrine Construction. “

-Kelly Prince


“Peregrine Construction does an excellent job!  They built our studio for Pure Barre South Tampa and will be building our St.Pete studio in the near future.  We are very happy with their work and everyone is impressed with our studios.  We look forward to our continued work with them!”

-Lauren McComb

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